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Reddit United Review Week 9 Empty Reddit United Review Week 9

Post  Gandalf4ever on Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:36 pm

Hello RU,

Not a full blown review this week as with the new update all statistics reset every other week we decided to sync the review with the new rhythm. What hasn't changed is the weekly requirement for donations which is still at 250. The good news is that RU is really developing into a high performance clan with the majority of members in the high donations count. That's where we would like to be as with everybody progressing into higher level th's and cc's more troops are needed. So keep up the good work guys. On the flip side we had to say goodbye to (only) three members to make room for freshman.
From the chat it seems like everybody is happy with all the changes in the update only the bonus felt a bit disappointing. Well, it is what it is and we are here to make the best out of it

That's all for now but would like to remind everybody of the message in last week's review:

The rules thread is now open for all to post in. After reading this review please head on over and post that you have read and agree to the rules as it is now mandatory. You have until kick time on Sunday, April 28. The rules thread is located here:

If you are not going to be online to make the minimum donation count due to holidays, sickness, classes etc, then please post an inactivity notice. We are looking for a post bno later than Wednesday of the week that you will be absent. You must post on the board. Notifying in clan chat doesn't count. No post, no amnesty. That board is located here:


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