Reddit United Review Period 13

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Reddit United Review Period 13

Post  Raztog on Mon May 27, 2013 6:04 pm

Lobwan Dominates Donations!

Good morning Reddit United!

Raztog here with all the news that's fit for print. The new patch came in last Thursday. TH10 was introduced along with a smattering of upgrades for the top tier players. For us the most interesting and talked about new feature was the display showing the amount of donations received per player. Although there was much speculation about how the clan would use this information we are taking a wait and see approach. We have no current plans to use them but will be crunching the numbers in the future to see if they provide us with useful data.

As Gandalf noted in the last review the following change with regards to donations went into effect during the last tournament cycle:

Minimum donations 600 by the end of tournament. In addition the ‘veteran member’ (not "new" behind their name when pulling up the clan member list) with the lowest donations will be kicked at the end of tournament unless he/she is above 700 (This means veterans are in the safe zone above 700 donations).

Only persons with "new" behind their name at the end of tournament are exempt from the minimum donations requirement. Check the following link to review the clan rules:

If you are not going to be online to make the minimum donation count due to holidays, sickness, classes etc, then please post an inactivity notice. We are looking for a post no later than Wednesday of the week that you will be absent. You must post on the board. Notifying in clan chat doesn't count. No post, no amnesty. That board is located here:

Numbers time...

Total Reddit United Trophies: 15293 - A New Record!
Total Reddit United Trophy record: 15293 - 26/05/2013
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank: 9750
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank record: 9120 - 14/04/2013

Top Trophies:

1) Imran -1783
2) grecon - 1758
3) Phong - 1747
4) ted - 1690
5) [-GAREBEAR-] - 1649

Highest Trophy count record: Imran, 1920 - 28/04/2013

Top Donators:

1) Lobwan - 4950
2) Raztog - 3021
3) Ron Mexico 88 - 2451
4) vitaminP - 2305
5) [+n1ck 19:=] - 2153

Highest Donation count record -Lobwan 5960 - 28/04/2013
Highest Donation count record -one week: Tom, 4000 - 14/04/2013

**Special note - As stated in the headline Lobwan continues to dominate the donations. A super thank you to you Lobwan!

If there are any necessary additions or changes that are needed to this review then please post a reply here and I will take care of it.

Great job on the donations and trophy count everyone. Reddit United is growing thanks to your hard work.

Clash on,


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Re: Reddit United Review Period 13

Post  Gandalf4ever on Mon May 27, 2013 6:46 pm

Another job well done. Excellent review Raztog!!! Lobwan, also a big thx from my end. Keep dominating the dons

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Re: Reddit United Review Period 13

Post  Lobwan on Tue May 28, 2013 5:24 pm

Great review RT!

Thanks for the mention Smile

Clash on Reddit United!

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Re: Reddit United Review Period 13

Post  Oak on Wed May 29, 2013 8:05 am

Awesome work! Gj Lob and keep it up! Smile /lolz


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Re: Reddit United Review Period 13

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