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Additions for weekly review Empty Additions for weekly review

Post  sKILLS3741 on Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:57 am

Hello fellow clan mates! I made this page just so we can talk about suggestions for the weekly clan review. In my opinion, the weekly review is the same old for me, so i want to add more features.
I have one idea that some of you already know about is highest raids mentioned in the review. Now, people said that too many people would upload pictures. Also that there already is a lot of pictures. So, I made a much simpler way to do this.
1. Your raid must be at least 650k resources
2. You do NOT post the picture on the forums. You must e-mail me. my e-mail is
That's it for the rules. If this is added, i will be happy.
Other stuff:
At the end of the session, I will compare all of the raids received and the highest 3 will be mentioned. I will tell the elder the 3 winners and the loot.
I check my e-mail every day, so don't expect an instant response.
If anyone thinks this is a good idea, tell me down below and I will tell the elders the ratings, (most likely lobwan) Also, if you have any suggestions for the weekly review, tell me down below.
Any questions comment down there too.
Remember, #skills4elder
From, sKILLS3741

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