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Just putting this out there Empty Just putting this out there

Post  Brasser United on Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:27 am

According to the clashofclans subreddit, we are now a farming clan, and ' Farming clans are made up of players who farm, and usually have high-level requirements.'

So maybe we can up our minimum dons back to 700/cycle? And/or have a minimum lvl of accepting new players, like lets say lvl70 or 75? Of course players currently in our clan under the required lvl would be safe.

Just putting this out there as a suggestion, since we changed from social clan to a farming clan.

Of course we would still be the most social clan on reddit Very Happy

Let me know what you think
Brasser United
Brasser United

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Just putting this out there Empty Re: Just putting this out there

Post  Lobwan on Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:46 pm

Hi Brasser,

We decided to swap to a farming clan as requiring lvl5+ archers to join basically made us that anyway. Social clans should have no requirement to join apart from donations.

Quickly after the switch to being a farming clan well filled up with high level players all meeting the requirements, it greatly improved the quality of our applicants.

I am not sure having a minimum base level requirement would make that much of a difference. We already have the lvl5+ archers (i.e. town hall Cool which I think covers it pretty well.

As for the minimum donations per cycle as you can see from the reddit clan comparison tables we are generally up at the very top for donations. I think this shows our current rules are working well. I admit it has been a little slower in chat than it was during the summer with the kiddies off school but the donations are still pretty strong.

As it stands I don't see the need for any changes but I of course welcome your input and any suggestions or opinions anyone else my have on the subject!


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