Reddit United – Week 36 Review

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Reddit United – Week 36 Review

Post  Lobwan on Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:16 pm

Hello Reddit United,

Hello again my fellow United legends! Here comes the bi-weekly review of the life and times in Reddit United! I don’t know if everyone noticed but we switched from being a ‘social’ reddit clan to being a ‘farming’ clan. Now this doesn’t mean you can start being anti social and driving tractors it just means we officially have higher entry requirements and appeal to a higher level of player. Since this move the clan pretty much instantly filled up with some great new members!

The minimum donations remain at 400 per cycle for the next couple of weeks. The rule change of level 5+ archers for new members is staying. All current members with level 4 archers are safe, it would be great if you can prioritise getting level 5 archers but don’t rush your TH! You can read and review the full list of clan rules below:

Also if you are going to be inactive or on holiday over the summer make a post in the inactivity forum below to make sure you don’t get kicked:

Time to get down to the numbers!

Total Reddit United Trophies: 21,379
Total Reddit United Trophy record: 21,379 (28/10/2013)
Total Reddit United Donations: 58,925
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank: 1,406
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank record: 1,406 (28/10/2013)

Top Trophies:

  1. Splurt – 2,632
  2. Lobwan – 2,536
  3. Vithus – 2,481
  4. Broman66 – 2,353
  5. Bilal – 2,346

Highest Trophy count record: Splurt – 2,632 (28/10/2013)

Massive congrats to Splurt, the first member of United to break into the Masters league. Very well done on all your hard work. More on cups later!

Top Donations:

  1. Splurt – 5,385
  2. Lobwan – 3,006
  3. Heathenhammer – 2,915
  4. Jorgen – 2,829
  5. Ianyang – 2,542

Number of people over 1,000: 22
Number of people over 2,000: 6
Highest Donation count record: Lobwan – 10,585 (09/06/2013)

Great work on donations guys. With 21 people over the 1k mark that is excellent. Again a massive shout out to Splurt coming in fresh and doing the double!

Once again you can find below a comparison of all the Reddit clans. As mentioned earlier you can find Reddit United in the ‘farming’ section. Once again we top the charts for trophies, trophies in 25th position, number of members over 1k dons and are just beaten by one other clan for members over 2k donations.

Raid of the Week

Some good raids submitted this week.

Largest Raid:
- Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 880,188
- Total Damage: 100%
- Gold: 399,778
- Elixer: 400,810
- Dark Elilxer: 796

Raid Record:
Bilal – 13/10/2013
- Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 993,198
- Total Damage: 85%
- Gold: 480,251
- Elixer: 471,347
- Dark Elilxer: 416

Post your submissions for the next cycle here

Mother of all Clan Wars

For the last weekend in the cycle we were involved in a 6 way clan war:

It is safe to say that there was an awesome effort from a lot of people in the clan that projected Reddit United to new heights! We set a new total clan points record, a new global rank record and also a highest trophy count record. A massive well done to everyone that took part you really did Reddit united proud! To see 21 members in Crystal and 1 in Masters was awesome.
The office results of the clan war are not yet out, I will update this when they are, but I think it would have taken something special to beat the mighty United!

We did indeed win the war! Full details can be found here:
Once again showing we are indeed the best Reddit clan around!


Well that wraps up another great cycle for the awesomeness that is Reddit United! Great so see some strong new players coming into the team, welcome all. Donations were strong again with only a couple of people inactive. Trophy counts were at record breaking levels and we showed how United roll in the clan war. What new exciting things await us in the next cycle?! Only time will tell…

Until next time my United brethren,

Clash on...

- Lobwan

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Re: Reddit United – Week 36 Review

Post  Ron Mexico 88 on Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:26 pm

Awesome review as always my friend. We are United! Bow at our dominance!
Ron Mexico 88
Ron Mexico 88

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Re: Reddit United – Week 36 Review

Post  Gandalf4ever on Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:52 pm

Excellent review. Thx again Lobwan and all Uniters that particpated in the clan war showin all Redditers we are simply the best!!

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Re: Reddit United – Week 36 Review

Post  Raztog on Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:15 pm

Thanks Lobwan and grats to the clan for winning the war!

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Re: Reddit United – Week 36 Review

Post  Envy on Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:58 pm

Once again, a superb review
Lobwan! Thank you to all members for the trophy push and another great season Smile

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Re: Reddit United – Week 36 Review

Post  lanyang on Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:43 pm

thanks for the review lobwan! hope everyone has a good time this session too! Very Happy 


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Re: Reddit United – Week 36 Review

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