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Reddit United Review Week 42 Empty Reddit United Review Week 42

Post  Gandalf4ever on Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:18 am

Hello RU,

Hello again my fellow United troopers Gandalf here with multiple bad news updates. Starting off: I wished I could announce we won the mother of all Reddit wars: The Turkeyday Trophy Triathlon but unfortunately our leader did not complete the administration to enter into the war; booh Evil or Very Mad. But since nobody knew this we still had great fun during the week of the war and getting almost everybody pushing for trophies, and donating like crazy. At the end of the war we totaled 20845 trophies and that would put us in 9th place between Tango and Zulu based on trophies and most likely in the top 2000 globally. How we would rank in the Trooper Fairness System is something we cannot tell anymore. Next, some of our long standing members decided to leave RU for multiple reasons. Jörgen is helping out his irl friends in a clan called Crazy Horses for a month or so and will come back to us he said. Matt (aka sKILLS3741) left because of school and he felt like he was not contributing enough to the clan. I hope you will still read this review Matt as I wanted to let you know you were wrong as it is not only about donations it is about being social and that’s why you were a valuable and appreciated member of RU and always welcome to come back. Bob again pushed the leave button and immediately reapplied, guess he wasted just too many of his second chances and needs to make our requirements to be allowed back in. amsztel also left because of some big changes irl (if I remember correctly he is getting a daddy, gratz amsztel Very Happy).  Finally david started his own clan called IDM where larreh joined him. I am gonna miss all you guys and thx for being so loyal to us for such a long time and hope to see you back soon J. If not I sincerely hope all the best for you cheers. When you think this was all the bad news we could handle you are wrong as Supercell introduced the 🎅update with the intend to make saving up for bigger upgrades easier by having more loot available in the storages so you can raid more. From what I am hearing in clan chat is that we all have to search far more than before to find some descent loot, and the indeed sometimes amazing loot sits in bases you do not have a chance to even put a dent into the base. What makes it worse is that when you log off massive amounts of resources can be taken from you in consecutive attacks that are not giving you a shield. If you want to read what other players are thinking about the update please follow this link to find 64 pages of grunt on Supercell’s forum: Supercell’s response statement to all this: “We truly expect that these adjustments to the loot calculation system will be better for all players in the long term. Even so, we will be keeping a close eye on how the loot situation in the game progresses in the weeks following the change. As storages start filling easier and loot opportunities start to expand, it may take a little while for the full effect of the changes to be felt throughout the game. Rest assured, though, that we are committed to doing what it takes to keep Clash fun, exciting and rewarding far into the future.”
Last I am going to say about the update is that I personally noticed that after every update that was introduced the loot was worse in the first week after the update so hopefully we will start benefiting from this update very soon as no matter how you slice and dice it the game is always in favor of active players and that’s what most of us are.

Some repeating messages from previous reviews that remain relevant; our rules are posted at All should be familiar with them and for our new members that have not signed them please read these and sign these rules by commenting and agreeing to the rules as soon as possible. Also, if you feel you are not going to be able to make the minimum donations due to school, vacation or for any reason please let us know at
A comparison of all the Reddit clans, you can find Reddit United in the ‘farming’ section.

Numbers time...

Reddit United stats
Total Reddit United Trophies: 16,209
Total Reddit United Trophy record: 21,379 – 28/10/2013
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank: 21,185
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank record: 1,406 – 28/10/2013

Top Trophies:
1) unreal41683 – 2,221
2) Splurt – 2,200
3) ted – 2,076
4) herbie2000 – 1,870
5) gorramts – 1,868
Highest Trophy count record: Splurt – 2,632 – 28/10/2013

Top Donators:
1) Gandalf – 4,117
2) Splurt – 3,628
3) lanyang – 2,669
4) Bilal– 2,454
5) heathenhammer – 2,400
Highest Donation count record: Lobwan 10,585 - 09/06/2013.
Total Donations: 45,869
Number of people over 1,000: 15
Number of people over 2,000: 6
Total donations count record: 61,111 – 01/09/2013

Obviously because of The Turkeyday Trophy Triathlon donations were up and only one person did not make the minimum requirement.

Largest Raid:
This cycle we had a massive raid by Zuber9 and almost unbelievable only 121 short of Splurt’s record of last cycle.
- Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,166,655
- Total Damage: 77%
- Gold: 570,671
- Elixer: 462,084
- Dark Elilxer: 1,339

Largest Raid record: Splurt – 20/11/2013
- Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,166,776
- Total Damage: 100%
- Gold: 409,701
- Elixer: 407,975
- Dark Elilxer: 3,491

For the upcoming cycle you can post your screen shots at And if the new loot system really turns the way Supercell is promising the old record will be crushed soon.

Congratulations to everyone that made the cut this cycle. Also I would like welcome the new members to our clan and say goodbye to the members that had to be removed because of not making the minimum donations or registering on our forum. As always please reapply when active again or registered on our forum and agreed to our rules and we are happy to take you back.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this great clan! Hope all goes well for everyone and if I missed anything please let me know!

Clash on …


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Reddit United Review Week 42 Empty Re: Reddit United Review Week 42

Post  Splurt_CoC on Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:49 pm

Thanks for the updates, Gandalf! Great read as always.  Cool 

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Reddit United Review Week 42 Empty Re: Reddit United Review Week 42

Post  Eidwripper1234 on Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:34 pm

Srry about what happened with bob gand, he was ticked off at me, when he makes the requirements will u let him back in?


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Reddit United Review Week 42 Empty Re: Reddit United Review Week 42

Post  Raztog on Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:54 pm

Thanks for the review Gandalf Smile

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Reddit United Review Week 42 Empty Re: Reddit United Review Week 42

Post  Zuber on Fri Dec 13, 2013 1:00 am

121 Shocked ...grrrrrrr

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Reddit United Review Week 42 Empty Re: Reddit United Review Week 42

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