Reddit United Review Week 40

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Reddit United Review Week 40

Post  Gandalf4ever on Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:06 am

Hello RU,

Hello my fellow United swaggers and Brasser Razz. The excitement has come as we are officially at war in the mother of all Reddit wars: The Turkeyday Trophy Triathlon! It started at the beginning of this new cycle and ends December 2 at 5:00 AM GMT. Since the last Reddit clan war was won by the awesome United troopers it is our honor to remain at the top of Reddit mountain and crush the United wannabees from: Gamma, Omicron, Flames, Silver, Light, November, Echo, Zulu, Troopers, Xi, Chi, Delta, Beta, Spartans, Sierra, Hotel, United, Zero, Tango, Papa, Whiskey. Everybody can contribute as we will be using the Trooper Fairness System and basically does not give any advantage to the level of your town hall:
  • Each player has a baseline trophy amount. This amount is 200 x Player Town Hall Level. For example: A TH7 player would have a baseline trophy amount of 200 x 7 = 1400. A TH9 player would have 200 x 9 = 1800.
  • At the end of the War, the player's final trophy amount has the baseline subtracted, giving that player's Trophy Contribution.
  • Players that end up with a trophy level below their assigned baseline amount (usually a player who does not participate) simply contributes zero trophies to the Clan Contribution Total instead of a negative number. This is so that lack of participation does not help nor hinder the rest of the clan.

For the complete info on how the system works:

Participating in the clan war is voluntary and if you wish to farm that’s all fine but I highly encourage everybody to join as it is a lot of fun and the more the merrier. If you keep farming you can still support your fellow United legends by donating a lot as the warriors will need their clan castles a lot. Hey ho let’s go!!! pirat

For the complete info on The Turkeyday Trophy Triathlon!:

Some repeating messages from previous reviews that remain relevant; our rules are posted at All should be familiar with them and for our new members that have not signed them please read these and sign these rules by commenting and agreeing to the rules as soon as possible, which would be much appreciated. Also, if you feel you are not going to be able to make the minimum donations due to school, vacation or for any reason please let us know at

Numbers time...

Reddit United stats
Total Reddit United Trophies: 17,474
Total Reddit United Trophy record: 21,379 – 28/10/2013
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank: 11,499
Reddit United Global Trophy Rank record: 1,406 – 28/10/2013

Top Trophies:
1) herbie2000 – 2,265
2) Sir – 2,181
3) unreal41683 – 2,131
4) eidwripper – 2,115
5) Ron Mexico 88 – 2,040
Highest Trophy count record: Splurt – 2,632 – 28/10/2013

Top Donators:
1) Splurt – 2,609
1) amsztel – 2,076
3) Gandalf – 1,892
4) Bilal – 1,804
4) lanyang – 1,717
Highest Donation count record: Lobwan 10,585 - 09/06/2013.
Total Donations: 37,831
Number of people over 1,000: 10
Number of people over 2,000: 2
Total donations count record: 61,111 – 01/09/2013

Although a slight decrease in the number of donations only three persons did not make the minimum requirement. Again a massive shout out to amsztel, Splurt and lanyang being recent members and constantly making the top 5 since they joined! I encourage all to take their example and help your clan mates by massive donations to win The Turkeyday Trophy Triathlon!

Once again you can find below a comparison of all the Reddit clans, you can find Reddit United in the ‘farming’ section.

Largest Raid:
This cycle we had a massive raid by Splurt and he immediately set the record that will be hard to beat. Nevertheless keep posting your raids.
- Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,166,776
- Total Damage: 100%
- Gold: 409,701
- Elixer: 407,975
- Dark Elilxer: 3,491

Largest Raid record: Splurt – 20/11/2013
- Total Raid score (Gold + Elixer + 100 x Dark Elixer): 1,166,776
- Total Damage: 100%
- Gold: 409,701
- Elixer: 407,975
- Dark Elilxer: 3,491

For the upcoming cycle you can post your screen shots at

Congratulations to everyone that made the cut this cycle. Also I would like welcome the new members to our clan and say goodbye to the members that had to be removed because of not making the minimum donations or registering on our forum. As always please reapply when active again or registered on our forum and agreed to our rules and we are happy to take you back.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this great clan! Hope all goes well for everyone and if I missed anything please let me know!

Let the war begin, clash on …


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Re: Reddit United Review Week 40

Post  Lobwan on Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:54 pm

Thanks for another great review Gand!

Hope we do well in the Clan war. We need to show the rest of Reddit they have messed with the best Wink

Good luck all.

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Re: Reddit United Review Week 40

Post  Zuber on Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:02 pm

Lets do this!

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Re: Reddit United Review Week 40

Post  Ron Mexico 88 on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:21 pm

awesome review Gand! Thx again.
Ron Mexico 88

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Re: Reddit United Review Week 40

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