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Reddit United Review Week 2 Empty Reddit United Review Week 2

Post  Envy on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:07 am

hey all, entering the third week of Reddit United, and its a blast! The 100 troop donation minimum really kicked into gear a lot of members with most reaching 100 very quickly, and a lot donating a considerable amount more. Elder applications are still open but will be closing in the next 24 hours. 9 spots have opened up and we are looking for active members to fill these spaces! (ones who can donate at least 100 a week)
total points record - 13159 - 03/03/2013
Top Donators: 1) tom - 1935 2) cody - 1754 3)gandalf 1607
Highest Donation count record Tom - 1935 - 03/03/2013
Top Trophys 1) MKappy7 - 1751 2) tom - 1648 3) sp3k3r 1610
Highest Trophy Count - Envy 1870 - 25/02/2013
week 2 memberlist, shout outs to all
Mkappy7, tom, sp3k3r, [+:nick 19:+], rcab23, molock, guyver_dio, the dominator, gdude, j3asy, blastoise, the andyman, cody, piger, gandalf, nobius, the chuckler, elliott, raztog, matt, vitaminP, praisethelawd, corkie, sir salpicadura, midnitesite, ice, shayne, amolazi, grecon, xander, matt:)10, kinglemonade, [- Garebear -], ridgeeee, Mat, Eazy E, cadethebeast, baron von dietz, yurothechurro, rtsuarez, matrix cure, yacine, saxon, ted, aden, rampage, mac569, trevor, toomuchbutta

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