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Post  Envy on Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:14 am

hey guys, hope you are all doing well. There is a clan war starting THIS Friday (5am GMT) and will end on the monday (5am GMT) which is the end of the season. They will be using the TFS system to judge the war. Here is a copy paste of the TFS system:

The Rules of Engagement
We chose to use the Trooper Fairness System (TFS) for this clan war, and it worked beautifully. The system is as follows:
Each player has a baseline trophy amount. This amount is 200 x Player Town Hall Level. For example: A TH7 player would have a baseline trophy amount of 200 x 7 = 1400. A TH9 player would have 200 x 9 = 1800.
At the end of the War, the player's final trophy amount has the baseline subtracted, giving us that player's Trophy Contribution.
Players that end up with a trophy level below their assigned baseline amount (usually a player who does not participate) simply contributes zero trophies to the Clan Contribution Total instead of a negative number. This is so that lack of participation does not help nor hinder the rest of the clan.
The beauty of the system is that players will not be dropping trophies beforehand, players who were farming at sub-200 are not given an unfair advantage, and players who were already trophy pushing for whatever reason are not punished.
Even better, this encourages even the lowest town hall player to participate. Both clans saw excellent participation throughout the war from players at all levels, and the highest contributors to the Clan Contribution Total were not necessarily the highest level players! Clans with players of lower levels have a fair chance at competing with clans filled with higher level players. Participation will have a bigger impact than anything else!
In the future we will be using the TFS against all clans that we battle against (I encourage all other Reddit Clans to use it too), and everyone is welcome to provide suggestions and ideas.

Having that said, basically, all th8's will have 1600 trophies taken away from there final trophy count. th9's will have 1800 trophies taken away. so you guys will need to get yourselves up and beyond these baseline numbers for your trophies to be counted. I think we have this in the bag guys considering 5 members already in crystal! i will be donating dragons left right and center, above all please participate! P.S The trophy pushing starts now...

make sure your base is in trophy farming mode! link the the base i changed to below

this is the person who organised the clan war, just posted this:
Ok, So I will make a spreadsheet tomorrow at work (cos I have nothing better to do lol) of all clans taking part and make a note of every member's TH level, and therefore starting trophy count. So we can use the TFS.
I will also take a screenshot of starting trophies of all clans, as of 5am GMT, so we can calculate net gained...just to see if it would have changed the outcome at all.
At the end we will also record total trophies and clan global ranking.
Should be fun - if someone wants to make a post on the sub about this multi-clan war, that would be awesome!! Very Happy

HAHA, so us starting early is a little funny as we probably will not have the most net gained, but oh well.

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World Clan War (Reddit) Empty Re: World Clan War (Reddit)

Post  Lobwan on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:22 pm

Nice one Envy! Looking forward to this Smile

Who are we competing against?

Just to clarify the rules for every one this is how it works.

Every town hall level has a baseline trophy level as follows (TH lvl x 200):
TH7 7x200 = 1400
TH8 8x200 = 1600
TH9 9x200 = 1800

This baseline trophy level is deducted from your final trophy count to get your score e.g.
Gandalf (TH9) reaches 2400 trophies = a score of 600
eidwripper (TH8) reaches 2300 trophies = a score of 700
Raztog (TH9) does not take part and is at 1300 trophies = a score of 0

Everyone's scores are added together to get the total score. The clan with the highest overall score wins!

The more people that take part the better chance we have of winning. It is time for everyone to try and set their personal best! It would be great if as many people as possible take part.

Here are some Trophy hunting tips:

As always keep the donations high! This will help us push higher and higher and win the competition!

Good luck all Cool

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